.dwg to Sketchup, but font doesn't appear

I created a school logo in Adobe Illustrator. I exported the file in .dgw and imported the file into Sketchup. The image shows up fine, but the school name does not show up at all. I used “Textile” font in AI. Please let me know what I can do to fix this issue.

You might try displaying the file in the online dwg viewer to make sure the issue is with SketchUp and not with the export from AI.

The .dwg importer doesn’t do text. You may need to change the text to geometry before importing with SketchUp, or use another file format for the file exchange.

As Jim says, a DWG import into SketchUp only includes “geometry” [i.e. edges and faces].

In most CAD apps you can ‘explode’ selected Text elements so that they become edges, which will them import into SketchUp…

If that doesn’t work you could perhaps consider making and importing an Image and tracing over it within SketchUp ?

or use assimp to convert ai to dxf with text as geometry flag…

You should convert the text into paths in Illustrator prior to exporting to DWG.

Even generally, logos should only have drawing entities in them. If there is text, it will display wrong for anyone that hasn’t the font installed in their system.