Exporting to DWG and autocad cannot open

I’m having an issue when exporting to DWG. When attempting to open this file in autocad, I get the following message:
" The NLS files required to interpret the text entities and symbol table
names in your drawing of code page ANSI_1252
cannot be found or are not installed in your system.
AutoCAD LT can try to interpret text entities and symbol table names
using the default system code page; however, this might result in a
loss of information.
To install the missing NLS files, double-click the Regional Settings
icon in the Windows Control Panel."
AutoCad then asks if you want to continue, you can only click yes, which crashes the program.

Any thoughts?

I think you should share the file that is causing the issue.

What year of .dwg in the export options menu are you using? What year version of autocad is being used to import?

I recently had a solidworks user I collaborate with swear up and down my .dwg files were corrupt. Turns out he was using a 2017 build of solidworks and I was exporting with a newer .dwg option. I re-exported with 2014 and all worked out fine.

I tried a few different sketchup files including one with just 4 poly lines. The issue was the same. I changed the export setting to Release 12 and the problem went away. I think I will experiment with other AutoCad Releases to see if it’s a newer thing or only 14.

This would imply as I suggested that the autocad version you are using is older than some of the export formats.

Good catch. I forgot to say that I’m using Sketchup Pro 2022 and AutoCadLT 2023. That’s why I will experiment with later versions. It may just be a release 14 issue.