NLS warning when importing DWGs exported by Sketchup into Autocad

Is this an Autocad problem or Sketchup? If it is Sketchup can we get a solution? Currently I export as Autocad version 12 and that’s a work around but I have issues sometimes were it makes invalid DWGS.

The only warning I get is that the file isn’t created with autodesk software. A bug that made DWG files appear created by the Student version of AutoCad was fixed in the most recent SketchUp service release.

Not for me. I get 3 - 4 NLS warnings when I attach a DWG export from Sketchup into Autocad for Mac as an Xref. When I update the xref I get 1 warning. I can do a video of it if you would like.

which exact SU do you use: “SketchUp > About SketchUp… >”?


sorry, meant @betazero .

19.1.173 Mac - Sketchup Pro & Autocad is Autocad for Mac 2019

So this problem still exists and I xref around 12 drawings into a main drawing. So I have to open those drawings if I update them and save them to fix these NLS warnings ! This is from Sketchup 2021 to Autocad 2021. Its around a 6 year old issue that I can’t believe still exists Screen Shot 2021-01-18 at 7.06.30 PM|324x500

Sketchup 21.0.392 now…time to fix this problem

betazero, did your issue not get resolved on the Autodesk forum?
AutoCAD is notifying you that the model was created within a package with either another language, or a font was used for another language.
The issue is also documented the Autodesk Knowledgebase

I wonder if the issue is caused by the Mac version of AutoCad keeping its internal character encoding compatible with the Windows version while the Sketchup exporter simply uses the encoding of the parent system. Just thinking. The earliest version of Mac AutoCad ported, under the hood, half the Windows OS to the Mac, had dismal performance and crashed a lot, and was quite soon retired. The current version ought to be a different beast altogether, but I wonder how it is dealing with its compatibility issues.

I don’t get it when opening files exported from the Windows version with the Windows version of AutoCad. Is it he same when exporting from LayOut?

This ought to be tested. How does a Windows-exported dwg behave in Mac AutoCad? How does a Mac-exported dwg behave in Windows AutoCad? Other permutations? Do Mac and PC AutoCad files work together faultlessly in general?