NLS warning when importing DWGs exported by Sketchup into Autocad

Is this an Autocad problem or Sketchup? If it is Sketchup can we get a solution? Currently I export as Autocad version 12 and that’s a work around but I have issues sometimes were it makes invalid DWGS.

The only warning I get is that the file isn’t created with autodesk software. A bug that made DWG files appear created by the Student version of AutoCad was fixed in the most recent SketchUp service release.

Not for me. I get 3 - 4 NLS warnings when I attach a DWG export from Sketchup into Autocad for Mac as an Xref. When I update the xref I get 1 warning. I can do a video of it if you would like.

which exact SU do you use: “SketchUp > About SketchUp… >”?


sorry, meant @betazero .

19.1.173 Mac - Sketchup Pro & Autocad is Autocad for Mac 2019