Exporting to DWG in 2022 has issues (a lot of issues)

So far with 2018 version it hard shut down my Mac. Just black screened…

With my original version 14 which I have been using for years ,because it thru the least amount of NLS flags into Autocad, it only exports two lines in two different locations in space…
I switched to 2013 and its working?? sorta? but my mouse starts freaking out while the export is happening.

Still have NLS warnings for every single DWG exported from Sketchup so not really sure what or why this was touched? I keep hoping the NLS thing gets fixed by either Sketchup or Autocad. Supposedly the next version of Autocad has it fix…It only took 5+ years or more…Was it Covid that caused the delay ? :slight_smile:

Thanks for always keeping it interesting… Would love things like reflections and live ray tracing but adding bugs is cool too I guess…Would love nested components where just the parent is visible and the deeper you go the parents start fading out… An Automatic change to perspective view when orbiting since parallel projection is horrible with orbit…Maybe wall collision for doing interiors…You hit a wall and you field of view automatically broadens instead of getting stuck in wall hell.

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I had the same issue (just exporting two lines) with exporting to version 14 and 2018. I have tried opening both with AutoCAD 2020 and 2022. Please can someone help?