Dwg corrupt export SU 2022

I Searched first for similar topics but couldn’t find the solution from it, hope some of you can help me out!

In earlier versions from .skp I could export to dwg with no feedback from the clients who need it in .dwg to open it in AutoCad.

With the version of 22 I get messages back like corrupt files and won’t open for them.
I tried with older versions different dwg releases and then one of my exports works good and the other doesn’t.

I just want to export from my 22 version directly instead of a work around wich doesn’t do the trick most of the time.

Can I try it in dxf? the settings we use for the export are just the basics with 2d export.

We use macOS, and cad viewer to check if they work but that program opens it just fine for us but the other party can’t open anything…

Thanks in advance!!!

SketchUp 2022 supports a newer DWG format version than older ones. Maybe your clients are using an older version of AutoCad or other DWG editor and are unable to open your files because of that. You can change the file version in the Export Options dialog. You can post a misbehaving DWG here so forum members can take a look.

Why not, but DXF is fundamentally identical to DWG, it is just encoded as text instead of a binary file.

Thanks for your answers, I will upload 2 files, one made in 2022 and the other in 2020.

  • the 2020 everyone can open and use
  • the 2022 one we get from multiple companies the reply they can’t use, maybe they use all old versions of AutoCAD…

Hope the dwgs will tell some!
2020 skp version.dwg (2.0 MB)
2022 skp version.dwg (2.2 MB)

I’ve tried the 2022 file in

Trimble Connect : OK
Adobe Ilustrator : OK
AutoDesk Viewer : OK

Both versions of that file are for Autocad 2018

Both files opened OK in Autodesk TrueView 2021 and Rhinoceros 7. ( TrueView gave the same NLS files error for both)
What application do your clients use? Is there a difference in the export settings you are using?

Thank you! this will mean that the clients havent got their software up to date… I guess

What are NLS files, is that bad for what im asking or?
They are using our dwg as an underlayment for their work, in AutoCAD I assume.

I always see that warning when opening DWG files generated on a Mac on my PC. As your files don’t have any text. I could ignore it. Otherwise, some non-ASCII characters might display wrong (like my Finnish umlauted ä:s and ö:s).