NLS and invalid DWGs

The exported DWGs either have the NLS problem or an invalid DWG problem. Been dealing with this for years and would LOVE this to be fixed. I have to set it to version 12 Autocad to stop the NLS problem. Now I get the invalid drawing problem. I shouldn’t have to open the drawing to fix it before using it as an xref.

What is a NLS problem?

I have no problem exporting Autocad version 12 DWG from SketchUp. No warnings when opened in DWG TrueView 2020. Possibly the version 12 format (from the early 1990s) is too old for the application you use to open them.

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Yes no NLS warning with version 12 but I get invalid drawings all the time (newer export versions kill the invalid drawing problem and then I get the NLS warning). I have to open them and save them. I xref the sketchup exports into autocad. Right now I have to open them anyways to kill the Section cut layers it creates ( which I wish it didn’t…).
Try using it in Autocad. I am using Autocad for Mac 2021 and Sketchup pro 2020 but the problem has existed in 2020,2019,2018…of Autocad and Sketchuip. Its been years that I have been dealing with this. I keep requesting a fix every year. :frowning: Some of my drawings have like 10-15 sketchup dwgs xrefed into them so when they freak out and become invalid it sucks…

There is no text in the Sketchup exports ( I don’t use text in Sketchup )