Exporting textures missing


I am making a model of a city centre and have imported my own aerial photography from Google Earth as its clearer and I need the road layout and markings included. I have exported my model to 3DS and the building textures export but the ground layer doesn’t?

The ground layer is just a flat rectangle and I have textured it as I have the rest of the buildings. I have tried to reduce the filesize of the ground layer, also the resolution but it still wont export?


The Location Snapshot and Terrain layers are supposed as modeling aid for a building etc. Most users probably don’t consider them “part of the model” and because of this, the KMZ and probably also other exporters (3DS etc.) contain a switch to ignore layers and groups with these names.

You could unlock and explode and regroup them. Maybe you have to put them on a layer with a different name.


Seem to have solved it by making the base layer into a box rather than a flat object and apply the ground texture to the “roof” of the box.


So likely the rectangle was showing the backside upwards (default) and the exporter only exports textures on frontsides. Another solution is then to right-click the rectangle and reverse it, and then apply the texture.


Must have been! Thanks for your help!


For your future reference since it is very likely what affected you, an important bit of SketchUp behavior:

If you draw a face (or form one from a collection of edges) on the z=0 ground plane, SketchUp will orient it with the back surface pointing upward. It does this because much of the time a modeler will next pushpull the face upward to make a solid, and the solid should have all front surfaces oriented outward - which means the front surface of the bottom must point downward! If you aren’t going to extrude the face upward, you should reverse it after drawing.


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