Exporting terrain SPK with mutliple terrain selections only displays 1 image

I’m pretty new to sketch up and got the pro trial to export a terrain map with the map image on it to import into unreal engine (Trying to create a map of my home town for fun). I have to select multiple geomap locations as it has a size limit and this is fine as it pasts them together and the terrain is fine. The issue is when I import it into autodesk 3ds it shows the image from the first geomap location selected on all the geomap selections. Still the terrain is what it should be. Not sure if this is an issue with the wait it is imported in 3ds or the way it is saved in sketchup so any advice would help. Have attatched photos of what I mean.


heres the first image. Can only upload 1 atm.

This looks like a problem with the way 3DS imports and maps images. Maybe try posting it to a 3DS forum as well.

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Yeah I think I will as well. Just wanted to double check if there is anything i needed to do before exporting. Thanks!

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