Exporting Sketchup files to Revit when they contain dynamic components

I’ve been using layout to prepare internal elevations for homes and interiors that I design in Sketchup. I’m finding layout super slow to use and as my team grows I want to get ahead of this potential traffic jam and find a solution.
The best solution I’ve found is to save my sketchup files as a ver8 and link them into a revit file. This allows me to still update my sketchup model and have those changes replicated in the revit file.

However…I use Dynamic components throughout my sketchup file. All of my windows, doors, and cabinetry are dynamic components. My issue is when I link the sketchup file to revit the properties of each dynamic component area ignored and they all revert to their default values.
The solution I have is to explode them all into raw geometry and then re-group them. Which is a huge task

Is anyone else facing the same issue? and how have you got around it?

I would use Eneroth’s de-DC-ify plugin to clear out the DC info (make the copies unique first).

de-dc-ify extension link for reference: Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

Do you have a sample file that can be shared? I’d like to test this workflow with our Helix plug-in that handles bidirectional SketchUp <-> Revit conversion