Exporting not Saving

I am running SU Pro (Student License) on a Mac with the latest updates.

When ever I attempt to Export, file is not saved. SU goes through the “Exporter Process” and displays the “Export Results”. But the file is no where to be found?

-I check the location requested.
-I search the rest of the computer.
-I tried all the of SU Export formats
-I tried all the “options” for every format
-I’ve checked my permissions (willing to check again)

No luck so far.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Which exporter are you using?
What platform?
What SketchUp version?
Does it happen on all models?

-Aiming for .3ds
-MackBook Pro OS X 10.9.5
-SketchUp Version 14.1.1283
-Yes. Even simple cubes.