Immediate crash on export of 3D on mac

Downloaded latest version for Mac V 16.1.1451 on OSX el capitan V10.11.16 and now cannot export 3d files. 2D export works fine. I did not have this issue before the upgrade.

I have seen on other thread for PC’s that files are purged and other cleaning going on, but do not know how to / if I can do this on a mac. What are my options to clean / fix. I have already tried to re-upgrade / reinstall, but problem persists.

And by can’t you mean? Where does it fail in the process?

not sure what you mean Barry? can you be more specific in your question please.
sketchup pro immediately crashes and disappears after trying export after picking file type. Not when picking export from the menu.


Wow. OK, did you get a bugsplat and upload it, and can you send me a private message any comments or your email you put in it, or if you just got the system crash, can you copy that and send in a private message? Thanks.