Exporting JPEGs on SketchUp Pro 2020; how to keep line scale multiplier set to 2x


I have to keep changing the Line scale multiplier to 2.00 x every single time I export. If I forget, my lines are too small. The “Width” and “Height” saves with my template why doesn’t the “Line scale multiplier” save? Is there a work around? I never had this problem before “Line scale multiplier” was introduced.

There isn’t a way to set a default for the multiplier to some other value than 1.

Because then the Line Scale Multiplier was always 1 and you had no control over it. If you want to go back to the way it was, just leave it set to 1 and ignore it.

If I leave it default the results are very different with the new version of SketchUp.
Same size square on all 3 versions.

SKP 2020

SKP 2017

SKP 2015

@DaveR See my replies, if you will.

Exact same Image width/height on all three?


From what I can see in your screen shots you don’t want to set the multiplier higher. In the other two the edges appear to be thinner.

No matter what, there’s no setting to permanently change the default Line Scale Multiplier.

This is the version if I use 2x multiplier. It definitely looks better, and my text exports at a good size.