Exporting from LayOut to DFX and opening in freecad


I made a simple plate with holes in SketchUp and then i sent it to LayOut because i wanted to make a drawing out of it. I also put letters around these holes that would be printed onto it by manufacturer and a logo of our company. The problem is that when i export the file to DFX and then open it in a software (I used FreeCad) the anotations are stretched, disassembled, the letters are misplaced and from left bottom corner there are lines that go to every hole in the plate. What do you think it’s causing that? Also when i use a png logo it doesnt show in the dfx file too. Is there anything i can do?plate.dxf (3.6 MB)
plate.layout (7.0 MB)
Included files of the layout and dfx exported file.

This is what I see with your .dxf opened in DoubleCAD XT.

And this is what I see in the .dxf I exported from your LayOut file.

It appears to me that you did something to change the viewport after your export Perhaps it was rendered as Raster when you exported it. In any case the text looks fine in your .dxf file in DOubleCAD so I would be looking at FreeCAD for that problem.

Interresting, thank you for the comment i will look for settings, maybe i can figure something out.

Good luck.

FWIW, I see a few things in your SketchUp and LayOut files that could stand some help. It wouldn’t hurt, for instance, to purge unused stuff from your model once in awhile.
Screenshot - 9_1_2021 , 7_04_31 AM

Okay, I am fairly new to the software so im still learning. Thank you.

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This is what I see when I open it in Trimble Connect:

So there might be something wrong with the font (size) export?

Probably Freecad is messing up what you see. Possibly it doesn’t support Paper space correctly. You could try setting up your LayOut viewport to full scale and export using the “Export for SketchUp” option. That puts everything in Model space. This is my not to scale export from your LayOut file:plate2.dxf (2.7 MB)

This is what your original looks like in Autodesk DWG Trueview 2022: