Exporting 2d problem

My file size is 4 mb and when i m exporting it to 2d graphic it says not responding and the app freezes
Should i wait
Because it still shows not responding

4mb is not large. What format of “2D” are you exporting to?

I m exporting to dwg
I am actually new to sketchup
This is my first model
I can send the file if you check the issues i will be very grateful

In this case, yet it is. It’s under 4MB (not mb, what is a millibit anyway?) with over 5 million edges and 1.8 Million faces. SketchUp will probably take a long time to export it. I would just let it run and see if works eventually.

:thinking: Actually, if the odds of a binary digit are something other than 50-50, then it carries less than 1 bit of information, so I suppose it’s possible to solve for what probability will give a binary digit one millibit of information.

(Sorry, don’t mean to be a wise guy and get off topic - just got me thinking)

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