Exporting 2d image of 3d view in layers for editing in illustrator


Can you export a view of a 3d model as a 2D graphic in such a way that some objects retain their layers in illustrator, or else their colours?

I am trying to edit line weights in illustrator and it would be so much quicker if all the lines of one particular object in my view in illustrator would either be one colour or on one layer so I could select all similar or all on that layer and assign all objects a line weight without having to click on each vector which is very time consuming.


If you haven’t discovered a way that works for you already, one way would be to:

  • set your model to “Colour by Layer”
  • then set your edge Style to display colour “By Material” and the edges will take on the layer colour, just as the faces of your model does.

Then, when you export to 2D DXF/DWG the edges will be coloured for selection in Illustrator or other vector based CAD programs. (Note: export to DXF/DWG is a Pro feature)

See the vid below for a tutorial: