Auto Lineweight to CAD

Hello everyone. I’ve done my due diligence and my research concluded that it cannot be done, but I would like to verify my research result.

Here’s my workflow:

  1. Draw 3d model of house in SketchUp
  2. Setup section cuts and scenes on SketchUp for elevation views
  3. Export to dwg file
  4. Open dwg with AutoCAD
  5. Clean up lines and adjust lineweights (heavier in front, lighter further away from cut)
  6. Plot in AutoCAD

What I’m hoping is an automated method to export corresponding lineweights to AutoCAD, maybe as native lineweights, or polyline with width. This should be theoratically possible, since SketchUp and Layout does recognize lineweights corresponding to distances, and it can export lineweights. Unfortunately, I don’t know if these two feature can work together, and save me time from performing Step 5.

Please advise and thank you!

In SketchUp, varying line weights is a raster image effect so it is available only in 2D image exports, not in 3D model exports. And, of course, Layout is inherently 2D so it can’t export any 3D file.

Oh I was actually trying to export each elevation in 2D. But since you pointed out that its raster effect, it means it cannot be done to a dwg file since it’s vector. That’s too bad!

I’ve been trying to approach this from another workflow, by exporting the whole model as a 3D model, then do the section cuts on AutoCAD instead. This should theoratically work, plus all the layers and scenes are transferred. But my office is using AutoCAD LT, so I cannot use the command SECTIONPLANE. I’ll try this some other time.