Can Sketch Up export thinner lineweights into the horizon?

I am making linework graphics (SKP to DWG to Illustrator) to and running into the classic sketch up problem that all the lineweights are a uniform thickness, so details off in the background blob into a black mess. When I make all the strokes thinner in illustrator it of course helps some, but I need it to show depth so the objects in focus stand out. It is a landscape architecture site model so seeing the context is important (i.e. it’s not a building in isolation). Also, objects with details closer together plot very messy as well and blur together.

Is there any extension or out-of-the-box SU extension that makes this less of a pain? Can anything interpret these objects based on how close the lines are and produce a variable gradient of lineweights, or make all of these objects much easier to select (instead of exporting each line as thousands of little tiny line segments that make you want to rip your hair out).

There’s no lineweight control in SketchUp. Period.

With the right set up of tags in SketchUp 2021 you could set up different lineweights by tag in LayOut 2021 and export your .dwg file from there.

You can control line thickness of section cuts in the style tray. You can also adjust profile edges. So there are some things that can be done for more dynamic SU work.

this sounds to me like the use case for “fog”. turn it on and try it, its cool.

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How does fog affect lineweights in .dwg exports?

You can turn on depth cue in edge styles, but as @DaveR mentioned, that has no impact on exporting linework.

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Thanks @TheOnlyAaron . I was going to mention Depth Cue but it since it doesn’t do anything for vector exports…

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Hi, you can follow these steps:

  1. Assign objects to each tags.
  2. Create a new Style
  3. Check “Color by Tag” in Style > Modeling Settings
  4. Style > Edge Settings > Change Color to “By Material”
  5. Exports to 2D Graphics with this style
  6. You”ll have a 2D graphic with edges have color on them then easy for you in the next step.

I would place one section cut per needed lineweight so that it cuts away everything behind it, export one DWG or PDF per needed lineweight and position the exports (or scenes in LayOut) on top of each other in Illustrator and assign the lineweights there.

maybe- if sense of depth is the issue - that maybe a dwg export is not the best approach.

maybe a combined raster and vector export, raster with fog for background situational tags, and vector for the building in front.

Agree that combined exports might be a more suitable approach but the OP’s question was about multiple vector lineweights.

Here I have used the combined viewport approach in LayOut: Vector views. Line weights exaggerated.
In a perspective view the thinning would happen is steps.

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Of course these days that could all be done in a single viewport with tag use.