Exporting 2D graphic with visible axes - help!

I’m working with some fairly basic models, but would like to export the images with the axes visible. They don’t show in the saved images. Is this possible? Would I need to get sketchup pro?

Many thanks!

No. SketchUp Pro won’t give you the axes in image exports, either.

You would need to draw edges on the axes for them to show.

or take a screen shot…


Ah, that’s a bit of a pain but good to know - thanks.

I have been taking screenshots, but I would like to display these images quite large - the exported images come out better quality. Thanks anyway.

You could draw the axis lines once and make them a component which you could then inert into your models when you want it.

This sounds do-able. Is there a way to draw coloured lines?

Yes. You can paint the edges with the Paint Bucket tool and change the edge color to By Material in the Styles Edit tab.

But I will have to have edges turned on to view this, even when saved as a component? Annoyingly I’d like edges to be off for the model itself! I am difficult

Make the axes component out of three tiny extruded squares and colour them, set their axis at the cross point and drop it in place. Edges off it will look the same.

Yes. You are. :smiley:

How are you going to use these images? What about making separate images of the axis component and the model? Then combine them into a single image. That process won’t take much time.

Started with a cube, extruded and coloured the three arms, all edges off.

Same component scaled up.

I’m an art student and they may be printed/framed as part of an exhibition piece. It’s an option, thank you!

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This looks like a solution but I can’t seem to manage it myself… I draw a cube, colour the edges, stretch it out to fit axes, then make into a component, but it’s still invisible when edges are off. I’m missing something here…

No, no need to colour the edges, colour the faces.

Ah I understand now, actual long, skinny 3D extended squares! I’ll have a play and decide if I can manage getting the scale the same in all my models. Thank you.