Exported CAD file not squared?

Hello brain trust! I’m a new Sketchup user, and I hope someone can help me!
I drew some ‘stuff’ using Sketchup to ask a wood cutting company to cut some drawer doors and etc. using a plywood. It is really simple model; simply needed to be cut in full thickness.

I sent my test file to the wood guys, and he told me the model is not showing square (i.e. not a perpendicular perspective on the face). When I tested my file on CAD reader, I can see what he is talking about, but I don’t know how to fix this! Can someone please walk me through what to do to fix it? Thank you very much for reading. CAD test 2D.dxf (130.1 KB) First desing.skp (368.5 KB)

Go to the Camera menu and set the camera to Parallel Projection. Then select the standard Top view. After that you can export your CAD file.

As your file opened. Camera in Perspective and positioned randomly.

Camera set to Parallel Projection and standard Top view.

Hello Dave! Thank you so much! It worked! Yay! Thank you again!! Amazing!

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