Export PDF Problem Textures shifting Hybrid Mode


Is this happend to you before ?
My Textures Shifting or Lines not matching with Textures,
when i am exporting to PDF.

This happened with Hybrid or Stacking Vector line over Raster.

Greets from Germany


I’ve not run into this. Can you share the LO file so we can see what you’ve got set up?

Is this in LO 2022?

A common reason for this is that the model is (very) far from the origin.

also, are you exporting with the hybrid override enabled ?
(go to the file’s info, Render section)

(so we can rule that out, or incriminate it)

File Info ? Render Section ?
where can i fing this ? I’m on the german version …
The file Size is 60Mb big - is there an upload limit ?
Layout 2022
The Model is centered on the main Axes

Yes. There is. Upload the file to DropBox or WeTransfer and share the link.

Nevermind the “hybrid override” That’s not an option in LayOut 2022.

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First of all, thank you very much for the quick answers …
here is the File

Maybe it is just the Size .

When I´m reducing the pages from 15 to 5 it is just working …

This is what I see in LO2023 when I export PDF I get this.

t’s a shame that you didn’t save Camera Position and other properties with your many of your scenes. It makes it very difficult to make edits.

Ok …
every page rendered fine ? at pages 16-19 are the problems on my system …
Camera positions in sketchup are not my workflow :slight_smile: (except ISO Views)
Can Texture Sizes occur any problems in Layout ?
when i have 5 Pages Files - exporting works fine
from 15-20 Pages i got these shifting Lines …
In Raster Mode everything works fine

No problems at all.

That’s fine. I still think it’s unfortunate but maybe you never have to go back to your SketchUp model to make updates.

Here are pages 13-16 using File>Export>PDF …
HYBRD EXPORT Problem .pdf (1.0 MB)

I also note incorrect tag usage in the SketchUp file associated with the viewport on Page 16.
Screenshot - 9_24_2023 , 2_25_10 PM

And a load of unused content.
Screenshot - 9_24_2023 , 2_25_28 PM

Purging the unused stuff from that one SketchUp model reduced its file size by about 94.5%. After saving that to the LO file and also purging the LayOut file, the LayOut file was reduced by nearly 96%. It’s now less than 8 megabytes.

Ok , i purged all unused .
Unfortunately not improved.

If i export only the last pages - it is rendered fine
If i export all page - same problems
HYBRD EXPORT Problem reduced complete pages.pdf (1.6 MB)

HYBRD EXPORT Problem reduced.pdf (186.4 KB)

I was telling you about purging unused to fix your graphics problem in your export. That was just pointing out that your SketchUp file could use some attention.

Here’s what I get when I export your entire project as a PDF.
HYBRD EXPORT Problem purged .pdf (3.5 MB)

I get the impression you are satisfied with the way you create your Sketchup models and aren’t interested in changing your workflow so I’ll leave it at this.

Ok .Fine
Thanks for your Help.
I will try a PDF export tomorrow, on a windows machine

Ok , you were right .
When i locked the camera Position in Sketchup - everything is rendered fine at the PDF export …
Oh Man , thanks a lot for this advice