Export Layout to PDF error

Hey, a large model in Layout. Tried exporting to PDF. Unsuccessful due to size.
Then unclicked ‘Output override’ in Rendering>Document Setup>File.
Now PDF has changed up Layout to add or delete items.
Any solutions please?

I don’t quite understand this sentence, I’m guessing your output is not quite what you expected to see?

The latest Layout build exports by default in vector or hybrid format, which takes a while to convert all viewports, hence the long wait you experienced as Layout was working in the background.

By unchecking document override you allow it to export raster, which is quick but some elements, particularly transparencies and textures may not translate to pdf perfectly. You could try a jpg or png output and see if you are getting the same. See this thread….

thanks @endlessfix. The issue was historic elements from SketchUp models prior appeared on the PDF (eg text); also section plane identifiers showed on the PDF. Separately, some copied and pasted items from other layouts into added pages were not shown.
I’ll have a read of your thread

and yeah, same issue with .png and .jpeg

You must link the files again.

@francisquitof Hi I did that. No change

Can you share the layout file to see what are you working with?

Screenshot 2023-11-28 152640

I did try relink those Out of Date files

It says they’re out of date, so you worked on those models but they aren’t updated in your layout file. Can you share the layout file with those sketchup files?

On updating those (rather than relink) the Layout pages distort quite a bit.
Does that suggest my SketchUp models are not distinct from each other?

@francisquitof Scuze delay. I did export the Layout in .dwg to SU
unfortunately they still have the changes I mentioned

I’ll need to see the files to know what’s happening exactly.

I have done a temporary solution for the client - simply screenshot each Layout and converted to PDF.
I think the issue lies with (a) my not layering SU models and (b) several power outages we had today. Prob (a)!
So thanks for advice and I’ll work on my SU models being crisper

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