Export model to get vector image

You could also try exporting vector images with different styles (possibly with parts of your model hidden) and then overlaying the images in an editor, or, to keep within SketchUp and its “family”, overlaying vector-rendered scenes with different style settings but an identical camera in LayOut.

Here, for instance, I have simply overlaid a shaded view with a wireframe view with thinner lines to simulate an “x-ray” style in vector:


Anti-aliasing? What do you have it set to and what
choices do you have in Preferences > OpenGL: Capabilities

Example, on my very old junky obsolete notebook with Hardware Acceleration ON, my two choices are Low and Medium Precision, both with 0x (no) anti-aliasing.

For exporting raster images, there is also the old trick of exporting to a large resolution and then downsampling to final size in Photoshop or your image editor of choice. You get proportionally thinner lines and better antialiasing than what SketchUp can do.


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This is the method that I use. You can also use the “Save for Web and Devices” in Photoshop or Illustrator.