Exporting View with High Quality

Hello I’m currently a student studying mechanical engineering and just started using sketchup. My Professor recquires that the report we turn in have high quality photos. He should be able to zoom into the word doc and see no blur on the figures/images. But when I export the views as a jpg the image is compressed and there is incredible blur when i zoom in. I tried to max out the pixel count but it still wasnt able to be clear. The only way I found to export it clearly is to export the view as a pdf, but unfortunately you are unable to copy images from a pdf to a word document. So I was wondering how can I export the view so that I can place into word and preserve quality 100%. Thanks in ahead.

It would be helpful to see what you are working with but from what you descibe, this sounds like a perfect situation for using LayOut. You can create vector or hybrid-rendered views of your SketchUp model so the lines are displayed as vector lines and the text will also be vector meaning that your instructor can zoom in as much as they want and things will be sharp. Instead of sending your instructor a .jpg file, you would send them a .pdf file.

Example from a PDF.

At 100% in Adobe Reader.
Screenshot - 3_28_2020 , 9_38_48 AM

At 300% in Adobe Reader.

Thank you for your response. I was planning on importing the jpeg to word onto my report and then saving the word doc as a pdf. So if i use layout am i able to export the image as a vector quality photo to word where i am compiling my report?

You can export from LayOut as PDF or in a raster image format, either .jpg or .png. If you use a raster image you will lose the vector line work.

Instead of compiling in word, use word to create your text files (.txt or .rtf) and insert those into the LayOut document along with your viewports from SketchUp, spreadsheets (.xlsx format), photos, etc. You can add text, labels, and dimensions in LayOut directly. Then export the whole thing as a .pdf.