Exploit an illustrator pattern in Sketchup?


I’m looking to import into Sketchup a pattern that I created in illustrator
I import it in dwg but once my pattern is in Sketchup, Sketchup becomes very slow.
I don’t think it’s related to my graphics card because I have a very good graphics card, maybe it should be simplified because it’s too heavy, I tried a lot of things but I can’t find the solution.
Someone would have found the workflow to exploit an illustrator pattern in Sketchup?

It’s pretty difficult to give you any guidance with no more than you’ve given for information. Share the .skp file and the file you are importing so we can see what you are working with. If there is a huge amount of geometry, simplifying it may be the best solution.

Could I have your email to send you more explanation with links and files? if you want to help me if you have the solution :slight_smile:

You can upload the files here or if they are too large to upload directly, use a file sharing service like Drop Box.

I can’t open your .ai file (you wrote you had a dwg file which is what I was expecting along with the SketchUp file) but from looking at your images, I can imagine those panels have huge quantities of edges and faces. Between that, the rest of the model, and the images, it isn’t too surprising your computer is choking on it. One thing you can do to help is use .png texture images instead of geometry for the panels. You can make the piercings transparent in the images and then import those as textures to apply to the faces in the model.

The .png won’t have any thickness although you can apply it to a thin 3D shape so it appears to have thickess.

In just the .dwg file you supplied there are over half a million edges. By the time you make that 3D you will have more than quadrupled the entity count. Bending the panels with Flowify or something else will further increase the entity count which will cause your computer to struggle. And many of the edges will be very short which creates more issues. You could work with the model scaled up by perhaps 100 or 1000 but it will still take your computer a long time to process all of that geometry.

Thank you for your reply !

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