Import .dwg file


Hi everybody, i need help about importing .dwg files into sketchup.
try attached file.
first, i convert .pdf to .dwg file,and then import it to skechup. it is complex architectural patterns involving many curves.
Here, sketchup explode .dwg file into infinite lines, and so i cannot make surface in it.
please help me.
with regard,c.dwg (2.4 MB)


There are about 46.000 edges in here and attempting to create faces on one selection almost crushed SketchUp for me. You’d probably need to simplify your contours, which basically means, editing the PDF in a vector graphics program like Adobe Illustrator. How is this SketchUp file going to be used in the first place? A lot of things depend on the purpose of the model.


i need convert .dwg file to .skp 3D file. it is just traditional architectural patterns like arabesque. i have no way to get 3d model. please adivce me. :slight_smile:


It looks like you need to go back to the DWG file and simplify it like @VahePogossian told you.


As I already said in a reply to your other post, the gazillion edges are a result of the conversion from PDF to DWG. What could be tried is the Overkill command in AutoCad. Even that won’t create arcs out of line segments but it joins colinear segments into single lines.