Exploding house and moving a feature[Uploading: Solar panels on top of hexagon.png…]()

Tube LH 11.skp (229.5 KB)
Hello, Attached is a picture of a solar panel on top of a drawing along with the corresponding SKP file. I’ve exploded the drawing and am trying to move the solar panels to the left. My problem is sticky geometry. The roof sticks to the solar panel when I try to move it.

Please advise.


Do you have a version that you didn’t explode or is it too late to undo back to before you exploded? The structure and the solar panel should have been created as separate objects so the geometry of the panel wouldn’t stick to the structure.

If you can’t undo the explode step, select the geometry of the solar panel and use Edit>Copy. Then erase the panel, group the structure, use Edit>Paste in Place to paste a copy of the panel. Make that a group and then move it to where you want it.


The best I can do is show you a version of Tube RH 11 that I have changed to Tube LH 11. It has not been exploded. But, the solar panels will have to be turned 180 degrees and moved over to the left. Attached is the SKP file.
Tube LH 11.skp (223.4 KB)

It looks like you need to go back through the tutorials at learn.sketchup.com.

I’ve separated out the solar panel as a component from the group of the house. Now you can move that solar panel around as needed. It won’t be stuck to the geometry of the house.

Tube LH 11 dr.skp (169.5 KB)

You should never do that, on the contrary, you should always group loose geometry so it doesn’t stick to other loose geometry, I’d do as it was suggested by Dave, follow the link he provided and learn the basics of the program.

Dave: Thank you very much. I really like the results now.

I’ll search for a lesson on sticky geometry, components and groups.



Thank you so much for your help.

As you suggested, I’ve gone back and am studying my old course and reinforcing the things I learned or perhaps did not fully understand.


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