Cannot get house to move up the blue axis

Any help? I am desperate!
I am trying to move this up so the stairs aren’t grayed out / below the red/green axis.

Amateur here!

Right click and see if the option to Unglue is available.

Nope nothing!

Need to see the model to be able to find the issue.

Is there a dynamic component in your selection that is fixed to a z value?

(‘Glue to’ has to do with a group or component being glued to a face)

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What do I need to do to show you the model?

If the file is less than 16mb just drag and drop it into a reply here.
If larger than that you would need to upload it to Dropbox, Drive, Wetransfer or similar and copy and paste the link provided into a reply. Making sure that you have made the Upload available to anyone, not private or restricted. Usually something like “Make accessible to anyone with the link”.

Thank you so so much!

As I said, You need to give access to the file.

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Sorry Box I thought I had. Try again :slight_smile:

You have four things with Glue to properties that are sticking it to the z plane. 2 toilets a rug and something under the bath.
Unglue them and you should be ok.
GIF 22-03-2024 10-51-20 AM

Don’t forget to turn your pool, roof and ceiling tags on before moving it.

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Thank you so so much - how did you find the glued items? (just so I know for next time!)

Simple trial and error, I selected sections and tried to lift them, I pretty quickly narrowed it down to the left half, then moved other chunks eventually being able to spot the offenders.

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Cannot thank you enough. Felt like was going bananas!

You also have some elements with back faces exposed, if you’re going to render it’s probably that those faces are shown black even if you have applied materials to them.

How did you tell / see that? I am pretty amateur but trying to learn as fast as I can!

As amateur one of the first things you must learn is to never download models from the 3D warehouse directly to your main model, you should do it to an empty file and check if it works for you, delete the tags that some models include and fix it if it’s required, I don’t use the 3D Warehouse cause most of the models are overkill for my needs, I’ve seen a couch with 3millions of entities, that will make your model laggy, also a lot of models are not well modeled, that means that they’re not grouped properly and the face orientation isn’t correct, by default the white faces must be shown while the bluish color must be facing the interior of an object.

Some models from the 3D WH are corrupted and can get your file corrupted, in some cases you’ll lose all your work, some times it is possible to recover parts of the file but it’s still time lost, the same happens when you save to an external device or the cloud, there are hundreds of threads here of people who lost all their data because they were saving to an external device.

Go to View/Face Style and tick Monochrome or in the Style Toolbar click Monochrome.

And to make them really stand out, set an outrageous back side color in the style.

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Sorry I am not sure what you mean?!