Can anyone help get the insulation onto the roof on my house? Link attached

I am having a nightmare trying to place the insulation board (rectangle which is next to the house) onto the roof. If I get it close and try to rotate it everything its touching rotates. I either need to place several of these rectangles on the roof or just create a roof across both sides of the pitch. Any help or advice is much appreciated.

not as is.

The link you provided is a viewing link. we can only look, not interact.

To help you, we need the file, you have to actually download it on your computer then share this skp file with us :slight_smile:

But I’m already sensing the answer will have to do with groups. as you design stuff in 3d, you have to group progressively as you go, in order to protect your model from itself. the reason why rotating the insulation board also rotates and deforms the rest of the house is because neither one nor the other are grouped, and therefore, protected.

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Geometry (here meaning the edges) in the same context (group’s or component’s environment) or the top level basic geometry is sticky in SketchUp when touching or intersecting.

See next help subject about components to better understand how to model efficiëntly.

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Thank you!!!

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