Exceeded number of activations for developer

I have 1 broken desktop and 1 laptop. The desktop only works in safe mode with networking. I cannot use sketchup in safe mode.

Sketchup on my laptop doesn’t let me past the manage activations.

Which version of SketchUp do you need to get working?

Never mind, I think I see which one it would be.

Sign into this page:


From the accounts, make sure to choose the one with SketchUp Developer in its name. In that account choose My Products, then for SketchUp Pro click on View Included Applications. In the box that shows for SketchUp Pro itself, click on Manage Devices, and deauthorize all devices.

You should then be able to sign out and in again on the laptop.

Interesting that this topic has come up. Had a very similar issue. Instructions were exactly what I needed. thanks @colin

Sketchup 2022 was never installed on the desktop.

I followed your instructions but was not given the choice to run su

For the desktop version you would install it like any other app. The products page does not launch the app, though there may be a link to the downloads page.

This will give you direct links to the Mac and Windows 2022 installers:


I got it working - had to sign in as me instead of as google