EW broken?

It seems the EW is broken. Go to the search field on the landing page, type in a * and hit enter. when presented with the search results, go to the filter options, choose Published: New to Old.

Guess what, nothing happens. This was still working on the past weekend, if memory serves.


Either New to old is broken or Relevance is changed to always yield the same result. On all my searches they are identical.

It’s tricky to check the New to Old order as you don’t see the date an extension was updated, but when searching my own name and sorting New to Old I can say the order appears broken.

My best advice currently…

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Compared to the current EW, I think the old Ruby Library Depot was easier, faster and far more interesting to browse.

EW certainly is pretty to look at, but as is usually the case, beauty is only skin deep.


Personally I don’t like it… but does not really matter. Just It would be better if it would work …

Seems as though there is no sense of urgency to fix the problems with EW, still broken.

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Still broken.

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"Consider this a little holiday gift :gift:. "…
… and don’t expect too much!
:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :frowning_face: :disappointed_relieved:

Still broken, after how long?

Looks like maintenance funds are being properly appropriated, no?

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I don’t know why don’t you believe what has been stated in the blog above: Everything is much much better, improved, easy … it has been DONE. It is what it is. You should be rejoice! Do not complain! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Another week passed, still broken.

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Just so I’m clear what you’re waiting to have fixed; you want to be able to see a list of all extensions currently published, sorted by date? Are you really just looking to see what’s new on Extension Warehouse?

You say it like it is a foreign concept?

It is a standard feature that has been present for many years. It also happens to be one I frequent in order to keep up with the latest releases, either brand new extensions on the warehouse or ones that have been updated.

Not all extensions come with a built-in function to call home and check in to see if you’re running the latest version.

Can you suggest any other method by which one can tell what the latest releases and updates are?

For extensions from the Extension Warehouse, open the Extension Manager window, click on the manage tab and scroll down to see if there’s any that have the update button highlighted. I think SketchUp actually notifies you when there’s an update available now.

Seeing a list of recently added extensions would be very handy though.

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Another week passed, still broken…

Unbelievable, another week passed. Seems like SketchUp has laid off the the team that looks after their websites. If they haven’t, then…

You could have posted this message as a reply to @jbacus, then he would have been alerted that you have replied, and hopefully will have a good answer for you.

He knows now.

There has been some changes the last week. The email you get as a developer when someone use the contact form is once again readable.

Good to know.

Week 8 now…

Week 9, no rush guys…

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