Feature Request - List New Extensions - Extension Warehouse

Currently in the new version of the extension warehouse, the page gives you a list of categories, then a list of the most viewed extensions, then a list of “featured extensions”. It would be really nice to be able to see a list of the newest extensions (preferably more than 4 or 8) to see what’s being added to the Warehouse. It’s very difficult to explore new extensions or get attention to new developers when you can’t tell what the newest extensions are.

Apologies in advance if this feature exists and I’m just missing it.


I agree, especially because the filter ‘New to Old’ does not seem to work at all, whether on the full list of plugins (typing * in the search bar) or on a subset of the search.

Justin: I take the opportunity of this post to send you my very warm thanks and congratulations for all the interactive videos you post. Well done and I am sure very helpful to the community.


It might be that “New to Old” is the default display order within search results.
When I click “Old to New” it is the reverse list of “New to Old”.

So this may also mean that “Relevance” is the filter that does not work well with a "*" search. (Ie, because there cannot be any relevance to “everything”.)

There needs to be a link from the EW2 pages to the EW User Guide where such things are explained to the users. (Also onHover terse help text blurps might also help.)

Yes I agree. But it also does not need to be part of the entry page.

It could be a special listing page. Something “blog-like” that can be an introductory format.
Say that it could showcase new extensions for 30 days (or whatever limit that keeps the list from growing too large.)

The same again for Updated extensions. A blog-like page with extra update text that explains the major reason for or what was updated.

These pages would have their own URLs and could be linked on the main EW entry page.

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I checked on my own plugins that neither “New to Old” nor “Old to New” respects the chronological order of the plugin publishing. So the filters are probably broken.


Curious - why wouldn’t a section for new extensions make sense on the entry page? It seems like in most situations such as this, there is usually some kind of a showcase section for curated picks, a “popular” section, and a “new” section for seeing what’s up and coming. Otherwise, your “popular” picks stagnate because they’re just the ones that have been on the front page for the longest, thus getting the most views.

In either case, I’d settle for something where I can see what’s new quickly and easily, but it seems that drawing attention to new extensions is beneficial both for SketchUp and for developers.


:smiley: Thank you very much for all the work you put into your extensions!

I agree with this assessment - the new/old filter wasn’t working right for me either - the results were very odd when I switched from old/new and back again

I didn’t exactly say that (it wouldn’t “make sense.”) But I suggested that it might not “need” to be on the entry page.

(Ie, perhaps it’s easier to implemented the listing as it’s own page. I am coming from a programmer’s point of view. If you want an example, then this Discourse forum software can serve. Notice the links along the top? They display separate pages with various filters, that display the topics from the forum database in different ways.)


  • It does not take any redesign or much change for the entry page (except perhaps adding links.)

  • It would avoid the inevitable argument over where in the order of sections the New Releases should appear. (There have already been conflicting suggestions over what order the section should appear on the entry page.)

  • The “What’s New” (or “New Releases”) page can have it’s own style or layout. (Ie, I suggested a blog-like styling. This is not a new idea. The official SketchUp blog has highlighted nifty extensions several times in the past.)

  • As it’s own page, with it’s own style it could display some additional information than the simple “tiles” that the entry page uses. (Ie, what category tags does the extension have, as this kind of listing would be from all of them.)

  • As it’s own page, it could have it’s own display order or filtering. (Alpha by category, or only certain categories, etc.)

ADD: It also occurs to me that there is space for 2 extra “catagories”.

The “New Releases” could be a pseudo-category that any extension can be a member of for n amount of days. (Same for “Recently Updated”. It could be an automatic pseudo-category.)

A row or two with “New Extensions” would certainly be nice, similar to how Featured Extensions and Top Extensions are shown. There could also be a “More” link to the page listing all extensions (empty search) sorted New to Old.

My favorit topic… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Most importantly:


there should be a pop-up window when users clicks on something, alerting them that they have clicked on something, because they don’t know if they clicked on something… Similar like:

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When they click on the “Yes, I really wanted to click” button, they are caught in an infinite loop.


It used to be on the 3DWH once upon à time.
But développeurs who cares ?

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They care about having a running product (rather than delaying release for ever), albeit at the cost of features. Having achieved the release is a huge step :+1: because then you can focus on the next step.
Users care about having all the features.


I meant plugin developpers.

If you are looking for a new extension to test, it just so happens that I have one for you.

I’m ALWAYS up for new extensions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The EW already has that feature, or should I say last had that feature early Feb. 2020. It’s been broken, it’s been reported, it’s been acknowledged, it has been ignored.

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It got removed in the newest extension warehouse update

The button was removed, the feature not (and I checked again before posting this now). See the link in my post to the thread where this was pointed out. A few more steps to do but the feature still there, but the function broken.

My post was specifically asking for a new extensions section on the front page of the warehouse. It does not exist. However, you are correct - you can do a blank extension search and try to sort by date - this function also does not appear to be working. It seems like such a basic functionality…