Top Extensions Error

It seems the Top Extensions dialog on the home page of the Extension Warehouse isn’t actually showing Top Extensions.
It appears to be showing a mix of things including most recently added.
This isn’t very useful for new users who may be confused into buying extensions because the believe they are well used when in fact they may be new and untested.

This functionality changed a while ago, I prefer the way it works now as it affords some exposure to extensions one would otherwise have missed.

Maybe the “Top Extensions” part should be renamed on the landing page?

When I want to look at the most popular or most recent (or whatever) extensions I select “Browse all of the Extensions” on the landing page, then select (from the dropdown on top righthand side of page) appropriate filtering option.



Most Popular doesn’t work though. After some seconds when the page has loaded you are just back at alphabetical sorting.

They changed it! :frowning:

Very disappointed that Extension Warehouse went back to showing OLD Popular Extensions and disregarded new Extension being showcased. I wish the new EW does something to promote new extensions soon.

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