New Extension Warehouse! Good or Bad

There doesn’t seem to be any buzz about the new Extension Manager. Apparently, we can no longer install all of our previous extensions at once. In fact, 90% of my extensions don’t ever appear in my list of extensions. Maybe I’m just navigating the new UI incorrectly. Has anyone else noticed this? Are we going back to the “old way” of installing extensions by manually moving plugin files to the extension folder?

The auto install thing is currently not available however it is a feature that will be coming back. You should do some reading on the topic on the forum. The change was a big one but it should allow easier updates when they come.

You mean Extension Warehouse I think, and yes, I had commented on that (not seeing a list of your previously installed extensions). Another thing I had commented on was the phrase Find Your Extensions, which I felt was confusing, as it’s for finding extensions in general.

But, as it turns out you will need to use the search to find your extensions too!

I believe that as you install extensions now, they will appear in the new warehouse My Downloads list, but ones you downloaded in the old warehouses didn’t get carried over to that list.

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Thanks. I wasn’t finding much because I was searching “Extension Manager” instead of “Extension Warehouse”. I can see there has been a lot of buzz regarding this.

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(I updated the title to more accurately reflect the topic.)

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I’d say there are both good and bad things, and hopefully the bad things can be fixed.

Extension description formatting is missing so we can’t organize our information under headers or link to external sources for specialized information, but it has been promised. The new Extension Warehouse stands on a more solid foundation code-wise and will be a lot less error prone and a lot easier to maintain. The publishing process is quite a bit clunkier and forces us to enter some initial info before showing the main form where we get an overview of all fields, and prevent us from seeing a preview or get the path to the extension description page before we publish. The phrase My Extensions now actually refers to my extensions, and instead the phrase My Downloads refers to what I’ve downloaded. However the list of downloaded extensions hasn’t migrated. The UI is overall much better looking, but there is also a lot more space wasted on the front page and less useful content shown at once.

When using search there are filters for “Free Extensions” and “Paid Extensions”, yet many paid extensions are using the “Free Extensions” option to mean “Free Download” and not “No Cost” as implied by the search filters. It’s misleading.


Good point Jim, we’ll look into that. And happy holidays to you!

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Currently there’s no alternative, because “Paid” only shows up for Vendor extensions. So I was unable to mark Vertex Tools or SUbD as “paid”. I’ve mentioned this internally. Ideally it should be possible to indicate a price for any extension.

Yes! That is the big Big BIG! difference between the old warehouse and the new - we can act on things now without worrying something else will break! :smiley:

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It’s a shame they didn’t think to keep a history for people, next release we will be explaining how to reinstall each extension rather than saying just use the install all button from My Extensions.


The best thing about the new Extension Warehouse is that I finally have been able to buy and install the “s4u Connect” extension that I installed as a free trial, but after the trial went out was not able to buy for some mysterious reson.

Once I logged into the new Extension Warehouse I got the buy option up and was able to place my order and everything was working.

I was in contact with the staff at SketchUp about this issue for over a year, but they were never able to solve the case for me.


Ugh - I’m really sorry to hear that!

But I’m really happy to hear that things are working better now. The old version of EW was a real pain to work with.

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So I have finally looked at the new extension warehouse.

  1. Am I right that no updates are allowed yet? This means that I can’t fix the OpenURL issue.
  2. The transfer garbled and omitted some aspects of my extension description. How can I at least update the text?
  3. My extensions each have several videos (Overview, basic lesson, advanced lesson…) But now only ONE video shows up. How are users to know about the others?
  4. What used to be called : “developer’s website” is now labelled “for more info”, which implies that my architectural design website has extension information, which it doesn’t.
    This only scratches the surface.

You can update both the extension itself and its description, but you need to navigate to My Extensions and find the medium light gray meatball (snowman) menu on the light gray background to do so. There is no edit button on the extensions description page itself.

Unfortunately all formatting was lost, but the formatting capability has been promised to come back. If you wait until it gets back you don’t need to rewrite twice. If you are feeling lucky you can already now write markdown and hope it gets rendered properly when supported, but that is an if.

I’ve also run into this :frowning: . I’d like to have any number of videos, and the ability to re-order images and videos as I please, but I don’t know if that is even planned.

Yes and this one is outrageous! It is a lie that my website I’ve provided in my profile has any information about the individual extension in question. It is also absolutely unacceptable and a disgrace for Extension Warehouse to print such a lie as if it wore a part of the description, making it look like the extension developer is to blame for this shitty UX choice having a totally irrelevant link. I’ve brought this up multiple times and it should take 2 minutes to just erase the code printing this paragraph, but nothing has been done yet.

I don’t see any “meatball”. only this:
The cog wheel takes me to my “User Profile” page where I can edit the profile fields.
(my “Store Description” is severely truncated.)
Two large extension icons at the bottom of this page are clickable. They take me to the extension page which does not allow editing. Here again my extension “description” is truncated.

My biggest complaint is that after many months of complaints,.the extension page (and the receipt any new user receives) still does not loudly announce that all problems with downloading and licensing should be addressed to Trimble support and NOT to the extension developer. Virtually all the support requests I get are on issues that I have no ability to solve.

The meatball/snowman menu is in the bottom right of each extension card in your screenshot. I don’t know if anyone has seen it without being told where it is. The contrast is so bad i don’t even know how to express it.

This! I get maybe 3 licensing questions for every question about how to use my extensions. I’m honestly thinking about just setting up the developer support address as the support address in my profile if it can’t get fixed.

OK I found the snow man.
For now I just inserted the raw YouTube URLs for my Videos in the Description field.
Where does Trimble announce changes as they occur?

I was just looking at the new warehouse, found something about “My downloads”. In that I chose one of them and noted the compatibility with…

. Leaves me wondering, did I miss something?

Really? You are wondering how ThomThom could possibly know that his extension will be compatible with the next release, … which is (no secret) about due any time now ? :roll_eyes:

Besides the fact he works for Trimble, if the Ruby version will not be updated for the next release it is safe to assume general compatibility. I’m guessing that perhaps the new EW2 has a flag or a value that knows what Ruby version the releases share and may default to show a positive compatibility for like releases. (Mind you I haven’t yet explicitly tested this since my only published EW extension is “way way” old written for non-supported SketchUp versions. But I’m guessing that the specific version compatible box could be checked by default in the developer’s interface. At least it seems plausible to me from a developer’s point of view.)