Everything gone from my SketchUp but there is a model still

I was using the push-pull tool when the whole thing literally went grey and when I zoomed out there was nothing. I can’t even zoom out properly.

I’m using Windows 10, SketchUp Make 2017 and all was going fine until this.

Above is shown that there is something in the model


how long have you been using sketchup ?

either open up outliner to see if you have any model or

use the edit / select all to select any content and then zoom to selection

are all your layers turned on?

Sharing the SKP model file will help us help you.
The screenshot tells us nothing.

If the SKP file is 3MB or less, then upload the file with your reply.
If it’s >3MB, then upload it to a file sharing service and post the link with your reply.

Property 1.skp (182.1 KB)
Alright! Sorry about that

I’ve been using SketchUp for about half a year now. I’m experienced enough to know the basic tools.
The zoom selection worked to SEE the model but when i zoom out&orbit or just orbit it goes back to its grey background again

I’m not sure what you mean by layers though

Check this. Does it have everything you are expecting?
DrNoodles Ramen House.skp (95.6 KB)

Yes! I think everything is normal now. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again.

What steps did you take to fix it and did you find a problem?

Thank you so much

I found the model by using Outliner as gsharp suggested. I right clicked on the group and chose Zoom Selection. Then I select it along with the loose geometry and moved it all closer to the origin. With it all still selected, I copied it and pasted it in place in a new file. I expect you have some text label that is located at a long distance from the origin. There is a bug that occasionally pops up. It’s usually easier to just copy the model to a new file.

FWIW, make sure you keep your model close to the origin.


Your model has 11 leader texts that have lost their connection to reality, almost surely due to the bug that @DaveR mentioned. One known trigger for this bug is to delete the entity that a text is attached to. Until this bug is fixed (hopefully in SU 2019), the only safe process is to wait until the model is stable before attaching leader texts as annotation.


Alright thank you both so much!

I’ll definitely make sure those leader texts don’t run away again! :grinning:

Humm. Why not fixing this year? This also a standing bug.

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Alas, Trimble has almost never released a bug fix mid-year, especially if there is a way to avoid triggering the bug. Since I don’t work for them I can’t offer an explanation or excuse, but that’s how it has always been. For this particular bug there is a repeatable test case, lack of which is the most common reason a bug doesn’t get fixed. So, keep fingers crossed for SU 2019.

Its hard to do, but I got them all ten crossed for all the bugs. :wink:

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