[error unexpected file format]

I had noticed that, thanks. I added that to the bug report.

Short version is, that problem fixing was changed in some way with 2021, and something that was being fixed ok in 2020 and earlier, was no longer being fixed. For anyone coming here with a file that won’t open in 2021 or later, opening it in 2020 would be worth a try.


thanks a lot, the file worked.
br rpicht

which SU version did you take for opening and repairing the model?
regards rpicht

can you help recover a file.
it was saved but when opened error prompted was “unexpected file format”

I still have the skb file but I cannot open it also even if I change the extension name.

I am due to present this for my defense. need help please.

here is the skb file also

can you help recover my file also, it is due for presentation, iwas able to save if but upon opening it says unexpected file format

really need help I hope somebody can help with this

The file opens quickly for the 8 million edges

Basics of SketchUp at learn.sketchup.com about groups, tags and face orientation.