[error unexpected file format]

No need to be defiant but definitely do create backups. :wink:

Hello, Can you help please? I also got the “unexpected file format” message with nothing in the file. I tried renaming and changing the SKB to SKP but got the same issue. I am attaching the original SKP file here. Many thanks in advance for your help.
Coloured Elevs (1).skp (12.1 MB)

Which version of SketchUp 2023 are you using? Presumably ot the last release. Upgrade to that version of to SketchUp 2024 and you should be able to open the file.

Thank you for replying so soon, I shall do that
Do I need to uninstall the current version first? Thank you

No. But when you get ready to run the install, close SketchUp and LayOut. Then right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator.

There’s a bad group in the model which is responsible for your problem. The later release of 2023 and SU2024 will trap it and delete it. I also purged unused stuff from your model.
Coloured Elevs purged.skp (6.0 MB)

Thank you so much for your help.

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I managed the one you fixed, but will also download the latest version. So grateful to you! Many many thanks!