[error unexpected file format]

Okay, will do. Thanks for trying

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Also as you are working, make sure you are saving to the internal drive and not to a cloud location.

Good luck.

Hi Colin,

I have the same issue here. Tried renaming the skb. file to skp. and opening it in Sketchup, the same error still occurs. Would you mind asking the developer to have a look at it? As I spent 3 days on it, it would be a nightmare if I lost the work.

File is saved Via Wetransfer:

Thanks Colins.

Your .skp file opened fine for me in SketchUp 2023. Try updating from 23.0 to the current release.

I did my usual cleanup steps. Fixed incorrect tag usage, purged unused stuff, and resized some excessively large texture images.
Screenshot - 3_15_2024 , 7_35_26 AM
The purging and material resizing reduced the file size by a little more than 75%. See if you can open this one.
Base Rev-A purged.skp (8.8 MB)


Thank you so much Dave… tears in my eyes

Hi. sketchup community pls someone help me please

Don’t double post. One is enough and it’s against forum rules.

ah sorry mate i delete older now


Unfortunately, I’m getting the same error. I changed SKB to SKP, but it still didn’t work. I would be very happy if you could help me.


Hi, Colin, having same issue here. Just saved the file, one hour later could not open it. Can you help, please?
The Hamptons.skp (276.8 KB)

It opened with an errors found dialog in the latest maintenance release of SketchUp 2023. I recommend that you too upgrade to that, it has some error repair functions not found in older versions. I then just saved a copy.
The Hamptons2.skp (328.6 KB)

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Thank you, Anssi! I am trying to upgrade now.
Much appreciated!

Please help i have the same problem. I have tried even the backup file, still the same problem

BayWayPlace.skp (8.3 MB)

I couldn’t open it. Testing to compress (zip) it reduces the size to less than a half, so probably quite a lot of zeros in the file.

Does that mean I lost all my progress?

Yes you lost it. Where were you saving the file?

Oh no!. On my C drive.

Is there any other way to recover the file please? Also, What causes this to happen to prevent it from happening in the future? @Anssi @francisquitof

When a file is as badly corrupted as yours seems to be, it isn’t possible to recover it.

It’s hard to say exactly. Some users who have had this issue have said they had a power interruption. Sometimes it seems that there’s some other process going on at the time of a save or autosave. Since you have a current subscription you have unlimited storage on Trimble Connect. In addition to saving your models on the local, internal drive, publish them to Trimble Connect. This will create a backup file that you can access when needed, even from a different computer. Every time you publish the model to Trimble Connect it creates and incremental save which means you can go back to an earlier version if needed. With the file uploaded to Trimble Connect you can also allow others to look at the model with the online viewer. They can see the model but they can’t modify it.

I never knew that could be possible, I will defiantly start implementing this from now on to create backups. Again, thank you so much for your help and advice.