Error : CFileException 1 in K:\Engr\SketchUp_drawing-0.tmp ---- Detailed Error Information ---


Providing details on an bug in
Sketchup Pro 2018 V 18.0.16975 64bit running on Windows 7 Enterprise (domain) + Netware

When saving (or autosaving) a sketchup file on a network drive (netware), I get the error:
CFileException 1 in K:\Engr\SketchUp_drawing1-0.tmp

I check the save folder ans there is a .tmp file. That file can be renamed as a .skp and opened in sketchup.

In this case I have discovered this is related to Digikam (open source photo DAM). At least versions 5.8.0 and 5.9.0. This error occurs when Digikam is open on my computer. When i close Digikam, the errors go away and the file save property, but leaves a bunch of .tmp files in the network drive.

It looks like there is some sort of file lock that prevents sketchup from replacing/renaming the file name. AFAIK, digicam does not look into the sketchup files, and the .jpgs I use are typically in a different folder than the sketchup files, so I don’t know what is causing this behavior

Saves to a local drive c work correctly, the error seems to be only on a network drive.

I can work around this by shutting down digikam and using other software, or by working on a local drive , but these are inconvenient.

I hope you can get this fixed in a future release