SketchUP 2016 - CFileException 1 Error when Save

Hi community,

we use SketchUp 2016 with V-RAY plugin.
Files are stored on network drive (W:\DATA), it’s Windows Server 2012 storage.

One of our users has problem with AutoSave / Save feature.
He use new Z240 workstation for 1 month and work every day with multiple SketchUp files. The error appeared 3 times yet.

SketchUp and its AutoSave / Save feature works fine, but sometimes “CFileException 1” error message appears:
CFileException 1 in W:\DATA\SketchUp_drawing-0.tmp

When user clicks OK, another error message appears:
AutoSave Failed due to invalid file path W:\DATA\SketchUp_drawing.skp or insufficient permissions. Please fix by going to SketchUp’s Preferences > Files and specify a valid path with write access for Models:'.

After that, it’s not possible to save the file to network drive. User has to save It to local disk and then move to network drive.
User has access to W:\DATA\ via Windows Explorer with no problem. I can see .tmp files there.


I would check first if the user has sufficent rights in the affected share/directory, i.e. Read/Write/Delete and maybe Rename too.

Hi sketch3d_de,

thanks for you reply. Checking permission was the first think I did. User has correct permissions.
He even can write .tmp file into the shared folder.


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