SketchUp Make cFileException 0


When working in sketcup make and saving i get the error message cFileException 0 in pathtofile. It dosen´t happen everytime but when it does the file arent saved. Setup is windows 10 mapped sharepoint share saving directly to the share. Eventviwer shows nothing.

I have looked around and has not found a solution does anybody have a solution?
Thanks in advanced.

Save to a local disk location, and later sync to the share location.

You might try out Trimble Connect for this kind of filesharing.

Hi, I have the same problem. SU has worked in the past without any problems. Recently I bought a Synology NAS which is monitoring the E:\ disk for changed files. The Autosave function is set to regular 5min inteval backup to E. Still I get The cFileExeption 0.

SketchUp has not been designed to work (yet) with network attached storage.