Erro de aceleração

A aceleração de hardware não é compatível ou foi desativada em sua placa gráfica. O SketchUp requer que você use uma placa gráfica com aceleração de hardware

o meu notebook pegava normal mais depois de um tempo parou de pegar dando esse erro, minha placa de video é da intel graphics 3000, alguem mim ajuda

The intel HD graphics 3000 is a discontinued integrated graphics solution. When I looked at the intel site for the most recent drivers, the newest were from the year 2015, and a driver specifically for Windows 10 was not listed. It might be that a driver for your graphics solution that would support OpenGL is not available. SketchUp Pro 2019 requires OpenGL hardware acceleration. Only SketchUp versions 2016 or older can work without it.
If SketchUp 2019 previously worked OK in your computer and now doesn’t, the probable reason is that Windows Update has upgraded your graphics driver to a non-working version. In that case you should remove the current driver and install back the version you were using previously.