Erratic behavior with materials

If I rename a material, that I have created, in the model it will be in the folder I assign it to. The materials window will not recognize it or show it in the list view. Opening a new model and refreshing the list the material will not be picked up even after a restart. Renaming a default material will behave as expected.
Is this something I am doing when creating the material? Happens in both 2020 and 2021 versions?

How are you creating the material? What folder are you assigning it to? How are you adding it to that folder? I haven’t ever had a problem with materials I’ve created showing up in a folder I’ve saved them to. I hadn’t had any need to make any new materials in 2021 so I just did and it works as expected.

I am trying to save to the original folder or a new folder. The materials are created by importing a texture via the import command and saving to a folder, that part works. It is the renaming part that is messed up. If I rename the texture either in its folder or via the rename in SU matl’s window it does not get recognized in the materials list. Also I renamed a default texture, put it in a new folder, open a new model, go the new folder, the texture was present but not the new name.

Are you renaming the In Model texture? You can’t edit the name or anything else about materials that aren’t In Model.

Does this work for you:

Ok The way you show works. What I am doing is with the materials in model I am in the list, right clicking and using the save as… It will save in the appropriate place. Then a new twist, close SU, reopen the same model and the materials tray will not be shown. Also the renamed texture in the matl’s list.

That’s weird behavior. I’ve always preferred the drag and drop method for saving materials and components and styles. I’ll see if I can try it the way you are describing when I get a chance.