Create/open material libary bug

SU 2023 Pro - created my own material folder locally. When opening the folder from Materials in SU only some created materials is shown, and some are missing.
First I thought that materials created in a model, and supplied with Vray tweeks, cloud be the ones not showing when importing libary - but that is not the case.
So what might be the problem here ? thanks :slight_smile:

ahhhh… The materials is actually imported - BUT they have their original name from first created in Sketchup - and NOT the name I saved the material file with - when I saved it to my own colletion folder.

But hey - thats still weird…!!! In the local material folder the material has the name I gave it when saving it - and at reimport to SU materials - in a new model - it has its old name !

The material name is not the filename. The name is an XML attribute property inside the SKM (zip) archive.

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