SketchUp 2023 material problems

I have a problem with materials in SketchUp 2023 (latest version) in combination with Windows (latest version). As soon as I open an existing document, all materials are renamed (for all existing documents). The materials are renamed mat000, mat001, mat002 etc. This is really terrible in combination with Enscape, because then none of the materials have no keywords anymore. I have the latest version of SketchUp and also uninstalled etc. Is anyone familiar with the “problem?”.

I also have a Mac and there I don’t have the problem. Only it doesn’t run Enscape on it.


This sounds like something being done by an extension. I haven’t got Enscape but I’ve not had this happen in SU2023 on my machines. What happens if you disabled Enscape? Do the material names get renamed?

I uninstalled Enscape, but still the same problem.
But it could indeed be an extension.
I am going to investigate further!
Thanks an keep you posted.

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Did you restart SketchUp after uninstalling Enscape?

How many extension have you got installed? Maybe share a list. We might be able to help you narrow it down if it is an extension doing it.

I removed several extensions at once. No idea which extension was the culprit, but it worked! Sorry was in a hurry, so removed several (deadlines ;-))
Really super thanks for thinking with me!

I’m going to add the extensions again later piece by piece and check what it does to the materials.

Good that you got it sorted for the moment. Which extensions did you remove?

I had the same problem and uninstalled extensions on-by-one and I figured out which extension it was. Seems obvious now. It was TT_materials_renamer.