Materials disappear from Materials Window

Hi. I am using SU Pro 18.1.1180 on Mac Mojave 10.14.1. Intermittently, I have a problem where a material in my model is not shown in the material window. I have a complex model with many different components that have the same material, which was imported as a texture in a jpg file (this is the case for several different materials). While building the model (a complex bathroom), I used the materials on many different components, which were created and not always copied from a previously designed component. The materials seem to intermittently disappear from the Materials window in the “Colors in Model” section after I delete a component and I cannot find the materials anywhere else in the Materials window. However, these materials still show up on other components. Rather than reimport the material, I opened a component for editing and selected “Texture>Edit Texture Image” and the Preview window opens with the expected texture and the proper title. Then I close the Preview window and the material/texture is now back in the Materials window as if it never went away. This is very strange to me and I wonder if anyone has also experienced this or has any ideas as to why.

opening and closing the panel usually is enough to refresh the view…

adding always happens in realtime but subtracting needs a refresh…

maybe yours is stuck somewhere in the middle…


It may take a while before the problem shows up again. I will let this forum know what happens. Thanks.

I see something similar a lot [in SketchUp Pro 2016, which I mostly use because I prefer its rudimentary support for high-DPI displays]. I use plain color materials, no image textures, for what that’s worth. Quite often I will notice that some components in my model have material ‘X’ yet that material is not listed in the Materials window. Happens for multiple materials.

Just a couple of days ago, I noticed this again and came up with the following theory: the only materials listed are those used by the first-level groups and components in the model. I have not tested the theory much, but the idea came from the observation-workaround that when I inserted an existing component (whose only original instances were nested a few levels down in other components) at the top level of the model, the component’s material appeared in the Materials window.

Hi all, thanks for the responses. Comments:

  1. Opening and closing the panel did not resolve the issue, but shutting down SU and reopening it did. It sounds like a software timing bug to me.

  2. All of my components are designed as a single definition and there are no nested components, nor are there any groups inside the components - they are as simple as possible. All of my components are in a group and there are many different components in different groups that have the same material. There may be a few nested groups, but not many.

  3. While it is a pain to work around, at least the materials definition is not lost, it is just temporarily in an alternate universe and can be recovered.

if I have a part with the texture in another model, I copy and paste it into the model underway and I usually get it restored to the materials palette. I then use it as desired, and then delete the clip I “brought over”. :frowning: a bit easier than closing and reopening.