Episode 3: SketchUp for Interior Design with Tammy Cody

Post your Ep.3 questions or share your thoughts about the episode inside this thread by hitting reply. One question per reply. Tammy Cody will be live and available to answer your questions 30 minutes after the show.
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Aubree, please ask Tammy to check if she can use her mobile phone or neighbour’s Wi-Fi as a backup channel.

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Will do! :upside_down_face:

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Great Job Tammy, You’re an AWESOME teacher.


Very nice work. Thank you.

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…something nice!

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Great Presentation - Have followed many of your YouTube Videos

Thanks Dave!!

I was the SketchUp teacher at Front Range Community College and Arapahoe C.C. and You really teacher well. Great project and renders today. Have a great day.
Larry Zent

Thank you Larry!! I appreciate that!

Thank you, that was such a nice presentation with so many tips!

My question would have been the next, so I am putting it down here too:

How do you handle light and shadows in native SketchUp, so it is nice in every view in the interior shots? I use shadows also in showing 3D furniture, I turn on the shadows so it has a bit more life to the furniture, but I find it hard to control, especially when I have views from opposite sides.

Thanks Charles! I’m so glad you have found those helpful!

What Measure unit do you use for your field measures, Ft/in, Decimal Inches, etc.

Hi Tammy, It was a great presentation. I am wondering if you have any special ways of creating schedules, example door schedules. Do you use components and link them to spreadsheets? or tips

Hi Tammy,
I often work with architects, contractors, etc. that are using autoCAD. I like that you do everything in Sketchup and Layout but what about working with others that are using autocad/revit?

Hi Tammy, do you still feel the need to work with Autocad?

Do you also uses Plusspec often?

How do you integrate working with architects that are using autoCAD or Revit?

@eejauss, some tips for shadows:

➾ Use the Shadows Settings window to lower the dark slider. This helps quite a bit, I like a really subtle shadow.
➾ If you can’t get the sun where you’d like it with the date and time sliders, use an extension like Solar North.
➾ Try turning on “use sun for shading” (in the Shadow Settings window) instead of simply turning on the shadows. This can be really helpful for “leveling out” the way your textures appear without the use of shadows.
➾ If you are modeling an interior space, be sure to put a ceiling/roof on the model… so that sun doesn’t come in from the ceiling.
➾ Keep your model above the floor plane. The shadow will start there, so you don’t want your model buried underneath the shadow.


@cdmotl I use Feet and Inches.

Do I need a gaming laptop to operate sketchup?