The Fireside Chat Series is back for Season Two!

You asked for more, so we’re back, for a fresh new season. :evergreen_tree:

To keep your SketchUp skills sharp — and to give you a little weekly entertainment, we’re hosting another (free) 8-week virtual series that will bring together the community and some of the best SketchUp trendsetters from around the world. The format will be fun, laid-back, and educational. It’s everything you love about learning at 3D Basecamp, with that virtual flair that you’ve come to know and love.

To learn more about our episode topics and guest speakers, visit: The Fireside Chat Series | SketchUp 3D Basecamp

Season Two Guest Speakers

  • Luis Bertomeu Sanchez, SketchUp for Architecture
  • Jeff Branch, SketchUp for Woodworking
  • John Melby, SketchUp for Residential Architecture
  • Izzy Swan, SketchUp for Creators
  • Kamila Lopes, SketchUp for Interior Design
  • JJ Zanetta, SketchUp for Landscape Illustrations
  • Rachel Robinson, SketchUp for Construction
  • Luke Whitelock, SketchUp for Set Design


Where do I find the June 16 recording?

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Recordings can be found in two places:

  1. Crowdcast SketchUp - Crowdcast
  2. YouTube The Fireside Chat Series - YouTube


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Thank you very Much, my Lady Prism!