EP Fastener Extension ... problem


Question there . . I got the EP Fastener Extension and it comes up but will not do ANY THING AT ALL , , I can click on Metric or SAE part but beyond that . .Nothing is coming up like I click on threads for nut and move cursor to center of part and click the hole and or threads will not appear , , Is there something I am missing in Windows maybe Java or Flash to get to the next screen of things to do ? Did not read any thing about having t0 have any thing installed … I have both 2015 and 2016 32 bit installed as it said it worked in 2015 so I added it . .Watched the movie / Video a billion times Doing all he does . .

How to edit/create extensions?

Hello. There’s a tutorial-overview on YouTube where the author showcases the plugin. Here’s a link: EP Fasteners Overview


It worked after I tried it ON LINE . .Now it works all the time . . on or off line . .