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Hey all, Kinda new to Sketchup, but have a decent grasp on most of its basic workings and some of the more advanced stuff, But here’s the issue. I have been using EP Fasteners addon for the great thread feature, But it sometimes does not work, Meaning if I put it on a face of a given object sometimes it will just create a surface hole (I can see inside the object) I am aware of the Solid issue, and have checked it for solid and the solid inspector says the are no issues. Now when I Inspect, it does not give me a “Volume”…Also I have made sure my Faces are the correct way …and still i have this issue…Any help would be greatly apprecited.


How about uploading an example file that shows the problem you’re having?

Almost.skp (896.7 KB)

It’s the hole on the bottom opening of the Chassis

There’s a bunch of things going on that will prevent the group from being solid. You’re missing faces on the edges all the way around.

The threaded holes are still components on their own. I converted the group to a component so I could use the Dave Method to work on the threaded holes, exploded the hole components and did some other cleanup. SketchUp now reports it as solid.

The other large part isn’t grouped yet and the frame component at it’s bottom has reversed faces that need correcting.

Almost.skp (2.3 MB)

I sent the wrong one :frowning:…sorry

NewAlmost.skp (1.1 MB)

Here is the one I meant to send.

Ugh and I just saw where the line was broken the large piece on the bottom fixed that but still seems to have the same issue.

The piece on the left as most of the same problems as in the previous file. The small frame is now worse than before with more reversed faces. The large piece has a bunch of reversed faces and a small hole in only the outer skin above the rectangular hole that is supposed to be covered by the frame. That small hole is supposed to be a tapped hole according to the Outliner but it’s only a circle on the outer face.

What the heck is going on with all the nesting? Why did you do that.

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