EP Fasteners Plugin


Hello all,

I am quite new with Sketchup.
I hope someone can help me out.
If I use the plug in EP fasteners and I choose
Metric and then Threaded holes the complete textbox disappears so I can’t choose the type of thread.
Anyone facing the same problem ?
Any suggestions to solve this ?

Thanks up front for giving me advise.

Kind regards,

Zoefke Martens


I just dl’d the plugin. It works on my end. It is entirely possible it is a graphics driver issue. The on-board graphics does not always play well with SU. Do you have the latest driver installed? What is the graphics device, Intel, AMD , Nvidia? There are settings to bind SU to the driver. Are they set correctly?


Hello RLGL,

Thanks for responding and helping.
I have an Intel I5-6200U.
Sorry no idea how to bind SU to the driver ? The rest of Sketchup is working correctly.
Can you help me a step further ?




First make sure you have the latest graphics driver from the computer mfgr website. There should be an app for the intel graphics in the start menu. Open it and there should be something about 3d. That is where the setting is.
I wish I could be more specific, I have only used the Intel graphics portion of my cpu for troubleshooting. I am trying to dredge the details from memory.



I found it but it didn’t help me out.

Thanks for helping anyway.



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